Fuck Yeah Innovation


I’d like to introduce my favourite Gynoid robot in the world; i-Fairy! Developed by Kokoro Co., a subdivision of the Sanrio Corporation (them thar folks responsible for Hello Kitty and such) as a reception and entertainment droid. She is partially autonomous, with minor AI function allowing for appropriate gesture and vocal response as a result of situational analysis. Otherwise, she is entirely programmable, which is the only slight let down, as she’s so delightfully personable…we can only live in hope that with further developments in the field of AI, she may one day be entirely autonomous! (I’d have one for a daughter. Much less mess than a human.)

I swear I shall own one one day…when I have USD70,000 that is. >_<

Ain’t she adorable? =D

Go to Kokoro’s website for more info! (English)

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